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Africatown Media partners with Black financial professionals to create financial literacy series.

15 Minute Financial is designed to give entry-level financial literacy to those in our community.

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Africatown Media has partnered with Seattle area financial professional Tiffany Brinkley, MBA, to produce a 5 episode culturally relevant financial literacy course entitled “15 Minute Financial” which is currently airing on the Africatown Facebook and YouTube Channels. In each episode which is about 15 minutes in length, Tiffany Brinkley breaks down various aspects of entry-level financial literacy and covers the basics of savings and planning, investments, tax, and interest rates.

James Abundis - The Seattle Times

According to the US Census, Black households in the City of Seattle are the very lowest income earners at just $42,500 as opposed to White households at $105,000. These staggering numbers emphasize how important financial literacy is in our community (among many other things like access to opportunity, higher-paying jobs). Black people in Seattle are already working with less so learning how to leverage financial resources is critical.

For Tiffany Brinkley, seeing these numbers and others like it motivated her to want to educate and empower as many people in our community as possible with her financial literacy courses and to partner with Africatown Media to reach a wider audience especially now during COVID.

“Africatown Media is an important resource and venue for our local Black community. When it comes to financial empowerment and literacy we have a systemic issue that needs to be addressed and resolved,” said Brinkley. “I believe this is much bigger than myself, it's critical for others within the Black community to see Black organizations partnering with professionals who can then share their knowledge and passion around this topic” added Brinkley

Africatown Media has taken a lead since the start of the COVID crisis to increase culturally relevant programming for the African-American community in Seattle’s Central District and beyond. Since the shutdown of Washington State, Africatown Media has launched a live Morning Update Show that airs every Monday - Friday from 11 PM - 12 PM on the Africatown Central District Facebook page. Africatown Media has also partnered with Seattle area Black educators to create a series of children’s book readings aimed at challenging African-American parents and children to read together. In addition, Africatown Media has also broken very important stories that impact our community such as last month’s expose which outed an East Side house flipping firm that was preying on elders in the Central District during the COVID crisis.

According to Omari Salisbury, Manager of Africatown Media, they are filling a critical void to deliver video content that will resonate with the community.

“Right now when a record number of people in our community are at home and out of work due to COVID-19 we want to be able to create and distribute as much culturally relevant informational and educational video content as possible,” said Salisbury

“The 15 Minute Financial is just one of many different series in production that cover various relevant topics that we want to make available to our community in a video format so they can watch and rewatch at their leisure” added Salisbury

Africatown’s overall commitment to not only financial literacy but also overall support for small business owners during COVID is not limited to Africatown Media’s efforts. Black Dot Underground, part of Africatown Preservation and Development Association and the economic hub of Africatown, has been holding weekly Mastermind Monday Zoom sessions. Mastermind Monday is a weekly meeting for entrepreneurs to network, gain practical business development skills, and share experiences. Mastermind Monday has been ongoing for nearly two years and has continued to thrive since moving online due to COVID.

Black Dot has also been a leader in making information regarding Federal, State, and Local loans, grants, and other programs available to the community and as well Black Dot holds a weekly Zoom Webinar Series Tuesday through Thursday at 4 pm PST, in which entrepreneurs can speak with small business finance and business development specialist.

According to Black Dot Community Manager, Curtiss R. Calhoun, many small business owners and entrepreneurs in greater Seattle and King/Pierce County area have been taking advantage of the resources that Black Dot is offering.

"We have actually seen an increase in participation of some of our programs like Mastermind Monday since COVID, people really look forward to seeing each other online every Monday and sharing their experiences from the previous week,” said Calhoun who added, “We have also found that people are logging on and taking advantage of the opportunity to speak with small business specialist especially around assistance in applying for COVID Relief loans and grants”.

When asked what she hoped viewers will get out of the 15 Minute Financial episodes, Brinkley said “I want Black people to open themselves up to this level of knowledge, it's time for us individually and collectively to wake up, become curious, ask the right questions then find resources that align to our goals, interests, and needs,” said Brinkley who went on to quote her Aunt Cathleen Brinkley, “...sometimes you have to step back and realize the role you play in your own demise"

15 Minute Financial Episode Links

Episode 1 - April 25

Episode 2 - April 26

Episode 3 - April 27 - 2:00 PM

Episode 4 - April 28 - 2:00 PM

Episode 5 - April 29 - 2:00 PM

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