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Africatown to host first Black Health & Wellness Provider Meetup

Africatown’s first event of 2020 will focus on the health and mental well being as key to a vibrant and thriving community. The very first Black Health & Wellness Provider Meetup will occur this Saturday, January 4th from 11am - 2pm at Black Dot Underground, 1437 S. Jackson Street.

Health and wellness is often overlooked in our community and often times those that need services the most, especially mental health services, do not know how to navigate the system or access the resources that they require which in turn leads to many in our community suffering in physical and mental silence.

Africatown seeks to break down the barriers, real and perceived, that keep community members from pursuing and maintaining healthy lifestyles. The first step in this goal is a meetup of health and wellness service providers so Africatown can assess who is out there and what they do, what is working and not working and then begin the process of mapping out the ecosystem for our community wellness resources.

If you provide one of the services below or related services in the health and wellness ecosystem, Africatown invites you to please come out on Saturday, January 4th from 11am - 2pm at Black Dot Underground. Please click here to RSVP.

  • Therapists

  • Nutritionists

  • Naturopaths

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Substance Abuse Professionals

  • Doulas/Midwives

  • Social Workers

  • Doctors

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts Instructors

  • Youth Workers, Mentors, Counselors

  • Grief & Bereavement Counselors

  • And more!

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