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All the way Live! Goody Bagg, Nate Jackson, Sweeng One, turn to live streaming to connect with fans

Goody Bagg to perform tonight at 6:30pm - Free concert for the community broadcast on the Africatown Facebook Page.

Goody Bagg - live streaming tonight at 6:30pm on the Africatown Facebook Page

By Omari "The Big O" Salisbury

From Tacoma area comedian and funny man Nate Jackson to one of Seattle’s favorite live bands, Goddy Bagg, and countless other DJ’s, comedians, and musicians, it is clear that entertainers near and far are taking to the internet to entertain the community and to practice their craft and as well earn a few bucks in these days of social distancing where most in the entertainment business have seen their bookings go from full to non existent in literally a matter of weeks.

For those that have been missing live music, iconic Seattle groove band, Goody Bagg has your fix. Goodie Bagg will be jamming via live stream on the Africatown Facebook Page tonight at 6:30pm from Black Dot Underground on South Jackson Street in the Central District. According to Goody Bag front man, Lenard Jones, the show is just as meaningful to the band members as the fans.

“For a lot of our fans, they are used to seeing us weekly. The music and the vibe has become a part of their routine. With the social distancing, enjoying live music has been totally disrupted and has left a void with our fans and lovers of live music in general” said Jones. “We want to do our part to bring a small part of normalcy back to to our fans lives and at the same time as musicians we are at our happiest when we are playing our instruments so the live stream concert is therapeutic for us as well” added Jones.

Actor and Comedian, Nate Jackson, who’s new comedy club was slated to open in Tacoma next month and is now delayed until May at the earliest due to the COVID pandemic, wasted no time in organizing a pay-per-view live stream last night that delivered laughs to several hundreds of viewers from not only the Puget Sound but from across the nation. I personally tuned in and Nate definitely delivered and I felt that I got my money's worth and also was able to support Nate who has been a pillar of support to the community over the years.

Nate Jackson's Laughter Lockdown Pay-Per-View special was a huge success last night.

Not all entertainers are collecting coins on the streams, Seattle area comedian Sweeng One, who is no newcomer to streaming produced his “Comedy Is Coronavirus Proof” live stream via Instagram on Saturday afternoon for free for all of his fans. Sweeng One has been streaming in one way or another since 2008 when he launched Who’s Rankin Radio, an online variety pop culture show.

According to Sweeng One, with the current state of things and comedians not being able to do live shows, the internet is more important than ever to stay relevant and to keep the public laughing.

“People needed this, they wanted to laugh and I got a lot of comments today from people saying that they appreciated the comedy show” said Sweeng One. “This was my way of giving back and to give people access and the ability to laugh especially now” added Sweeng One who as well said that he plans to expand to three live streams per week.

D Nice had the whole world dancing last night with up to 100,000 live viewers during his set.

International celebrity DJ, D Nice, also entertained the people for free and had a Live DJ set that literally had the whole world tuned in and talking via Instagram.

“The “Homeschoolin’: Social Distancing Dance Party,” was a literal movie. With no shortage of celebrities, and no shortage of laughs. Director Ava DuVernay, Rapper MC Lyte, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Janet Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Will Smith, legendary drummer Sheila E., Kareem Abdul Jabar, Jada Pinkett Smith and Missy Elliott were just a few of the ones who came out to party.” -courtesy of Because Of Them We Can

At Africatown Media, we as well have also stepped up our streaming game, launching Morning Update with The Big O, Monday - Friday from 10am - 1pm. The live broadcast is a mix of the latest headlines that impact our community, interviews with community members and government leaders, as well as the Africatown Soul Sessions in which there is a live DJ set, the Central District’s DJ Topspin own is slated to man the 1’s and 2’s Monday morning during the Morning Update show. We will also be speaking with Dr. Chalon Ervin Psy.D. about the best was to preserve your mental health during COVID shutdowns.

Live streaming of events very well may become a way of life once things return back to normal. With content creators realizing that they can reach a much larger audience via the web many may seek to integrate live streaming into their future business model. According to Nate Jackson, once his comedy club finally does open its doors, he plans to stream all of the shows on Pay-PerView.

According to Darryl Glover of Dancing in the Rain Media, a Seattle area Black owned live streaming company, the demand for professional live streaming services has been on the rise as people and organizations scramble to maintain some sense of life uninterrupted via live streaming.

“Streaming had been growing in a casual way in our community but I think that with the current state of things people, especially those who are in entertainment have really started to rapidly embrace it” said Glover.

Safe to say that at least for the foreseeable future we can plan to see more and more of our favorite local and national entertainers going "All the way live!"

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