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Book Review: Dream No More: Rise Of A Lion

Marrio C. Mathews


Dream No More: Rise Of A Lion

(Minutes Till Dawn Productions)

The world of books contains countless genres and even more authors who deliver in the arena of fiction, fantasy and creativity which expands and perplexes the imagination. However, with Marrio Mathews’ debut offering Dream No More: Rise of A Lion (Minutes Till Dawn Productions), the genre of sci-fi fantasy is pushed further as herein lies a unique tale of challenge, triumph and growth through the lens of a Black boy who, through the crucibles of life, will become a man who begins to see the options and possibilities within the problems that life presents.

Presented as an “epic fantasy saga”, Dream… is a coming of age tale following a young boy experiencing the tumultuous experience of violence, confusion and calamity in the midst of war. A civil war to be precise is the setting, which allows the young boy, Lyone, to rediscover himself after being separated from his family, injured in conflict and taken in by a host family. The family begins to notice the uniqueness of Lyone, in that he has a purpose in life and rising into his position and growing from a boy to a man will begin a journey of self-discovery, encountering mysticism, sorcery and unexpected obstacles as he quests to find his family, build his future and become who he was born to be.

If adventure, intrigue and empowerment are elements of story that you enjoy, Dream No More: Rise of a Lion begins you on a path that Mathews’ writes in a fashion that is designed for a saga and continuation. And even more poignant is the fact that Mathews delivers a readable product of adventure featuring the life, experience and perspective of a Black child – facing a world with obstacles daring him to withstand the adversity.

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