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Dr. Maxine Mimms - #FinishTheMission - Community Corner

Dr. Maxine Mimms talks Nipsey’s legacy, Black Community, and the importance of lifelong learning on latest episode of Community Corner Podcast.

“I didn’t know of Nipsey Hussle or his music, but I could feel the collective pain of our community over his loss, the pain we all felt was real” these are the words of Civil Rights and Education Icon, Dr. Maxine Mimms, speaking on the topic of Nipsey Hussle’s untimely murder during her visit to Africatown Media Network Studio’s today to record an episode of the Community Corner podcast hosted by Trae Holiday.

Trae Holiday & Dr. Maxine Mimms

According to Mimms, Nipsey’s death has created an opportunity for those, who like her, did not know much about him in life to learn more about the life of good works that Nipsey led and to be a part of continuing those good works in their own communities as well as offering advice as how we can all #FinishTheMission.

Mimms also touched on the struggle to found the Evergreen College Tacoma Campus, the state of education for African American’s in the Pacific Northwest as well as the best way for youth to work with and learn from community elders.

At 91 years young, one might think that Dr. Mimms is in a position to know it all, or at least a lot. According to Dr. Mimms, she is learning more and more every day and considering all the things in the world that she does not know, she considers herself just a preschooler in the global school of wisdom.

Make sure you catch the full episode of Community Corner Podcast hosted by Trae Holiday coming to your favorite podcast platform in the coming weeks.

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