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Dr. Muk aka the Hip-Hop Biochemist and UW researcher discusses COVID impacts in our community.


I had an opportunity to speak with the University of Washington Biochemist Tamuka Martin Chidyausiku, Ph.D. also known as Dr. Muk the Hip-Hop Biochemist. Dr. Muk stopped by to update us as to the latest with COVID-19 and especially its current impacts of Black people as well as to bust some myths about hand-washing and the wearing of masks. Dr. Muk also breaks down how rates are lower in other countries perhaps due to who is deemed as essential workers as well as the use of automation and robots in other countries.

Dr. Muk appeared on the Africatown Morning Update Show 6 weeks ago and at the time the reports of deaths among Black people were very low and there was a myth at the time that Black people could not get COVID. Dr. Muk was one of the early voices raising concerns about that myth stating that the virus does not discriminate an only needs a host. He urged diligence in the Black community at that time and for us to take COVID seriously. youtu.be/H1xP-Ks0f3A

Unfortunately, 6 weeks later Dr. Muk reports back about the startling disproportionality in the Black community in regards to COVID infections and deaths.

Dr. Muk YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYVeGE5OYgbRlzt1GLsR2QA

Dr. Muk Website tamukainvestments.com/

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