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Emijah Smith demands public apology from KUOW. Calls KUOW out for "Cyberbullying"

Smith challenges donors to rethink their support of KUOW's media platforms.

During a segment on the Mothers Justice Radio Show on KKNW 1150AM on Monday, Emijah Smith made it clear that she wants nothing less than a public apology from KUOW as well as removal of the article about Smith that was posted last week.

KUOW set off a firestorm in Seattle's African American community last week when they published are article that victim shamed Smith (who is a survivor of domestic violence) the same day that the Seattle School Board selected their finalist to fill the vacant District VII seat. Smith was one of three finalists, the School Board ultimately selected Brandon Hersey.

Emijah Smith victim shamed by media. Would that have occurred if she was White?

The article that KUOW published implied that an incident that occurred seven years ago in which Smith defended her home and family against a potential attack was somehow her fault and in the original article headline said that Smith "...reckons with old demons". The headlines has since been updated, however, Smith says that she wants the article removed all together.

The original headline said that Smith "...reckons with old demons". KUOW ultimately updated the headline.

In the same article, KUOW created a disturbing artwork that accompanied the article that was a collage of court documents, quotes, a photo of the home where the incident occurred all against the backdrop of lined school paper. Smith said that she found the artwork not only shameful and dehumanizing but was also personally traumatizing to her and her children and asserted that KUOW was guilty of cyber bullying.

Click here to see the artwork.

Smith is not alone in calling for accountability from KUOW. New Seattle School Board Member, Brandon Hersey also voiced his concern in a Facebook post earlier this week.

School Board Member Brandon Hersey has made his opinion clear on this matter via a recent Facebook post.

Currently KUOW is yet to issue a public apology or remove the article. We will continue to update this story.

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