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Hey BBQ Becky: Don't hate, congratulate! LBB wins national housing award.

Liberty Bank Building wins Affordable Housing Finance Award in the Urban Development category.

It has been a historic six months since the Liberty Bank Building opened its doors earlier this year which now includes winning a national affordable housing award. The iconic development that rises where the historic Liberty Bank once stood has rapidly become a beacon of hope for those that have been displaced from the Central District over the years due to systemic gentrification and rising rents who hope one day to return.

Liberty Bank Building, which is a partnership between Africatown Community Land Trust, Black Community Impact Alliance, Byrd Barr Place, and Capital Hill Housing has earned a special place in the hearts of residents and neighbors alike for the uniqueness of

development which literally incorporated the history of the original building and neighborhood into the design as well as the robust art collection located throughout the property.

The Liberty Bank Building, which has 115 affordable housing units, also was built with retail space in mind that would be priced below market rate to entice local African American owned businesses into the building. The strategy worked and has allowed Earl's Cuts & Styles Barber Shop which has operated on East Union for decades to move into the Liberty Bank Building. Next up is a new restaurant from the team at That Brown Girl Cooks, who will be launching a new eatery with the intention in mind to honor the great culinary traditions of the past in the Central District.

The Affordable Housing Finance Magazine Award acknowledges the Liberty Bank Building's unique positioning and stature and refers to the Liberty Bank Building as giving "opportunity to the community"

The Liberty Bank Building has brought together a unique mixture of young and old, many of whom who tell a similar story of living in the Central District years ago, only to be displaced by rising rents and now jubilant to return to the same neighborhood that Black people in Seattle have called home for nearly 140 years.

The Liberty Bank Building has as well energized the cultural history of the Central District's past with residents organizing events in the building to honor Marcus Garvey or celebrate Juneteenth or resident Georgio Brown curating his WeSeaYou rooftop live music experiences which in turn activated BBQ Becky which ultimately brought to the front and center the overwhelming number of people both Black and White in the Central District and beyond that appreciate and support the Liberty Bank Building.

The Liberty Bank Building is just the beginning for Africatown Community land Trust. Next up is Africatown Plaza which will be located just across the street on 23rd and Spring and will have up to 138 affordable housing units as well as commercial retail space. Africatown Plaza is set to break ground in early 2021.

So sorry BBQ Becky or should I say Rooftop Randy, your narrative of hate and your tactics to divide our community further did not work. The community is actually stronger and the culture is surging and as for the Liberty Bank Building, in any future posts you make please refer to it as "The award winning..."

#FightingForEveryInch #NoSurrender

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