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NO! You Can't Have My Home! Ruby Holland is serious about stopping upzoning in our community.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Affordable housing advocate Ruby Holland is serious about getting the word out to the community in regards to upzoning. There is hardly a meeting in our community or City Hall that you wont find Ruby present holding her "No, You Can't Have My Home" sign and explaining to any and all that will listen how upzoning has the potential to negatively impact our community and further displace Black home owners.

What is upzoning? Well, Ruby explains it best in this video but basically right now, if you own a home in the Central District and you sell it who ever buys it and tears it down, whatever they end up building can only be a few floors high. With upzoning someone can put an apartment building on the same property where a single family home was and thus impacting the density as well as property value and tax rates. The way that it is supposed to work is that developers would have an incentive to build more units and those units would ease the housing shortage and as well as provide affordable housing to those in need. However, there are many loopholes in the upzoning plan that allows for the developers to basically opt out of building any affordable housing units.

Ruby Holland, sees the many loopholes in upzoning as just another way that developers can continue to push Black home owners out of the Central District, Beacon Hill, and the South End and continue the gentrification of Seattle's legacy communities.

Ruby is seeking to raise awareness in the community amongst Black home owners to inform them of options. You can reach out to Ruby by emailing keepyourhabitat@gmail.com

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