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Redmond firm attempting to “Aggressively” acquire Central District homes during COVID-19 Crisis.

Buck Buys Houses has already purchased at least 45 homes in our neighborhood and are seeking to purchase 100 more on behalf of developers.

Seattle, WA - Bryce Malone of Buck Buys Houses might not realize what many of us in the Central District have known for years, Ruby Holland "don’t take no mess", especially when it comes to issues of gentrification in the CD, Elders are aging in place, and predatory practices by developers to acquire property in the Central District by taking advantage of those who might be under financial stress and ignorant of options. Bryce didn't realize that he has been harassing the absolute wrong person trying to convince her to sell.

Ruby Holland is a community activist around issues of gentrification, aging in place, upzoning, and predatory practices of developers.

Ruby made Africatown Media aware of the aggressive solicitation tactics of Malone along with his colleague Nick Halberg who is with Buck Buys Houses, a Redmond, Washington based real estate firm that according to their website specialize in buying “Houses that are ugly and in disrepair: with no fees, no commissions, and no hassle!”.

According to Bryce Malone and Nick Halberg of Buck Buys Houses they have already purchased 45+ homes in the Central District with the goal of acquiring 100+ on behalf of a developer.

Malone began to aggressively contact Ruby Holland trying to convince her to sell her home directly to him for cash on behalf of developers that Malone refused to disclose despite her several requests for him to reveal their identity. (Central District developers often ask why they get a bad rap, this is a good example).

“working with a developer that is aggressively purchasing properties in Leschi” - Bryce Malone

Buck Buys Houses proudly displays the Better Business Bureau logo on their website, I am curious to know if the BBB is aware of Buck Buys Houses aggressive tactics against our elders?

According to Holland, it is unconscionable, that during this national crisis, Bryce Malone and Bucks Buys Houses would apply these tactics.

“It makes me feel bad and they are being predatory, they are aggressively trying to buy people's houses knowing that people are in financial straits because of the Coronavirus” said Holland.

“They said they are working on behalf of developers and there are also a lot of out of town people trying to buy property in the Central District" added Holland

Luckily, community oriented real estate agents and advocates like Nicole Bascomb of Bascomb Real Estate, have been working along with NAREB (National Association of Real Estate Brokers) to educate community elders as to the tactics that aggressive predators like Bryce Malone of Bucks Buys Houses use. Please see the short video below.

In this time of Coronavirus crisis all across America and especially in the Central District where many of our elders are on under increased strain as their children and grandchildren who have been working to help pay for upkeep are out of work, why Bryce Malone of Bucks Buys Houses would show no regard and in addition would continue to harass Ruby despite her telling him that she was not interested is a very clear example of what legacy homeowners in the Central District have been facing for decades.

Since most in our community are at home practicing social distancing and have time on our hands, I propose that you let Bryce Malone and Nick Halberg of Bucks Buys Houses how you feel about their tactics and as well demand to know who is the developer that he is working with.

Bryce Malone

206 207 9859


Nick Halberg

206 208 1680


@Bryce and Nick - We are on the lookout for people like you who played a key role in the gentrification and displacement of our elders. You are not welcome in the Central District, I would propose that you aggressively solicit property in Redmond where your offices are located.

@Mayor Durkan, Council Member Sawant, Council Member Zahilay - What can your offices do to keep our elders safe from real estate predators especially during this time of national crisis?

If you are an elder need assistance in regards to options as to how you can stay in your home and age in place please email - Info@AfricatownLandTrust.org

We reached out to Bryce Malone before publishing and got no response.

#NoSurrender #FightingForEveryInch #CDorSeeMe

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